The power of honesty You spy, you have to rely on lifeless spy ware, you must not tool fool human life, if you do, you abused your public power, you abused your authority, you abused your force, you have to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later; just like you marry, man must do it because he wants to take care that woman, woman must do i 售屋網t because she needs a man to cover up her shame, to provide her a place to hide lawfully, openly, decently; just like you go to work, must because you need to make a living, or you want to provide your knowledgement to help others to do better. You must not tool fool your m 酒店兼職 arriage for sex power money or underground chained slavery terrors secrecy; you must not go to work because you dislike to stay at home, or because you want to use your work to enlarge your invisible special interest groped force, or whatever evil minded selfishness; you go to Communist Ch 買屋網ina, must because you indeed think Communist China less evil than Democraitc Taiwan, you come to USA must because you really like Freedom; you China Communist must not be allowed to go to Taiwan or USA, because communist failed to deal with, there's no way Taiwan can be able to handle with, there's no way 房屋買賣 that Democratic USA can have the civil right to deal with anyone of them. There's no way Communist can rely on Capitalism to do better, because Communist formed in your place showed your place must lack of man good enough to form respectable able trustable military force, lack of man can have the ability integrity to for 酒店經紀m respectable able intigrity politician and business team. Capitalism can be successfully, must because that place have the best unselfish mankind team better than any General to be able to face Money Power Sex or whatever evil Chinese dragon down the life time long wearing. Therefore, if Mainland China must fail Communist, you all need to have to be 襯衫 nucleared for the better off of your entire Chinese, for the better off of the rest of the world.You must not allow anyone sell anything that not made in China in your own place, because Chinese can have the ability to make anything that is good for all their people to use. You must not allow anything exported out of your place, that you know someone else in other pla 酒店兼職ce can make better than you. You must not sell your china to Western Restaurant, because Corning can do better than you, because Western Restaurant do not need your china to steam the dish that what your china can do but not Corning made for. You need kill all your Chinese restaurant owner that given up to use your china to follow the low lower lowest to replace your china with plastic. 襯衫You must sell your china overseas for your Chinese cooking only with the cheapest cost that you can afford to support all your good Chinese restaurant to afford to buy from you to replace the broken one. You need to tell all Chinese students, Chinese workers, that they can have all their right to make self-defense to kill anyone who hire foreigners, who sell foreign goods in your place, they must not commit abusing 小型辦公室crime to occupy public street to use "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" to xxck (That's why you must need to do your duty to kill ChenSwayBen for the crime he committed called up "Chain.Shore.Hook.Taiwan" occupied public street to do the xxck while he residing your President House.), taking away the public free walk right.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! ARMANI  .

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